Foodies Festival (Oxford 2017)

It’s been a while guys, I know but I am back again. I was privileged to attend the foodies festival in Oxford this year thanks to the Co-opfood. The foodies festival runs for 3 days (Friday-Sunday), it’s packed with food, music, and food classes. 

I had such a great time and I was so stuffed after trying out so much food. But I had some stalls that stood out for me.

The Entrance
  • The first stall I stopped by was Croft Twist. It was a drink stall never had anything like it before, it’s a slightly sparkly drink with elderflower, lemon and mint (all natural flavours) with 5.5% alcohol. I truly recommend it if you don’t like anything strong but sweet and refreshing.
Croft Twist

    • The Limpopo Biltong, this was one unique stall with dry preserved meat seasoned to taste. We were served by a lovely South African man which made sense as biltong is incredibly popular is Southern Africa. The stall had a variety of flavours however my favourite flavour was the “Party Mix” which included all the flavours in one mix. The owner was very friendly, chatty and quite generous with his portions. Deffo giving Limpopo Biltong a big thumbs up! 👍🏾
    Limpopo Biltong
    • Did someone say churros? I cannot believe I have never had churros 😞 what a shame. So if you don’t know what a churro is , it is a fried dough pastry, there are a traditional in Spain and Portugal. Stopped by Churros Susanna told the gentle man I have never tried it before he was really sweet and gave me a full treat. 

    Churros Susanna

    • Brownies omg! I have never actually seen them look so inviting , calories indeed are beautiful. Chockshop had so many varieties of brownies, and of course I was going to try at least one. The brownies comes with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 


    • Vintage shake is really the definition of extra and I love extra. The flavours were very interesting but I tried the bubble gum and raspberry. Not a fan of raspberry but it wasn’t too overwhelming and it tasted great. I highly recommend although it did cost £6 for a cup. 

    Vintage shakes

    • Never paid much attention to Paul’s bakery, although I walk past it everyday on my way to work, but a staff was kind enough to offer some samples and boy was I hooked. The canelé, it’s a pudding crispy and caramelised on the outside. With a fragrance of rum and vanilla , so how could I resist . 

    Paul’s bakery

      • I had been craving grilled meat and since I could not make my self any I had to look for a spot at the festival . Found flaming rooster and I was super excited, was so excited i bought the mixed grill. (Half rack ribs, hot wings, pork belly, lamb, cold slaw and fries) it cost £15 I thought it would be worth it , but I was let down. The fries were dry , the ribs were burnt and I didn’t get chicken wings. Was only pleased with the cold slaw and the lamb.

      Flamin roosters

        Other interesting spots :

        Had such a lovely time and I was so excited, same time next year.

        Author: thelmzkitchen

        Just a girl who is very passionate about food and cooking

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