Simple Crêpes


125 g plain flour

2 eggs

1 tbsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

180 ml Evaporated milk

180ml water

2 tbsp. butter

Fresh fruit, for serving

Icing sugar, for serving

Whipped cream

Or ice cream for serving.

◦ In a mixing bowl, create a well with flour then add eggs, slowly whisking them into flour. Add sugar and salt and stir until combined. Mix evaporated milk with water and add into batter. whisk to combine . Let batter rest until bubbly on top.

◦ In a small pan over medium heat, melt butter. Pour batter evenly onto pan, swirling it to evenly coat pan and for a thin and even layer.

◦ Serve crêpes warm with fresh fruit, ice cream and dust icing sugar and serve.

◦ Cook for 2-3 minutes, then flip and cook 1 minute more.

Served with strawberries and ice cream.

Author: thelmzkitchen

Just a girl who is very passionate about food and cooking

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